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Cherwell District Council want to build 4,400 houses, the majority  on the Green Belt surrounding the villages of Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington. The largest number will be built on two sites between Begbroke and Yarnton. BYG is campaigning to save our Green Belt.

Inspector's Report

Attached for information, the Inspector's Report.  Any feedback greatly welcomed.

Fund Raising to Mount Legal Challenge to the Cherwell Plan


Weʼre raising £5,000 to mount a legal challenge to the Cherwell plan to build 2,500 houses on Green Belt land in and around Begbroke and Yarnton.


Begbroke and Yarnton Greenbelt Campaign have now set up a Justgiving page for those who might find this a more convenient way to donate.  

Detail of Where Our Council Wish to Build on Our Villages


The latest plan – coming up for adoption very soon - is the Cherwell Local Plan Pt 1 Partial Review and allocates sites for 4,400 houses in the Green Belt around Kidlington, Begbroke, Yarnton and North Oxford.

The document originally submitted can be found at:



This was then changed (at the request of the Government Planning Inspector) to remove an allocation at Woodstock with the houses being redistributed to the other sites closer to Oxford. The maps showing the individual sites can be seen below or by following the link below (which will download a 4.7MB pdf document),and scrolling to page 45 (where you will also find the full decode of the coloured areas.

Pink is new planned housing!

Pink is planned new housing!

Letter from our  Chairman

Dated 28 July 2020

Dear Resident,


We’ve reached the final stage in our exhaustive – and so far, unsuccessful – battle to stop Cherwell District Council building 2,500 houses around Begbroke and Yarnton, closing Sandy Lane in the process.

The Government Inspector is imminently releasing his final Report on the plan for consideration and almost inevitable adoption by the Council, probably in August. This follows the sham consultation process, during which our concerns have been blithely ignored, despite ‘unprecedented’ opposition (the Council’s own words) to the plan.


Begbroke and Yarnton Greenbelt Campaign (BYG) and Cherwell Development Watch Alliance (CDWA) mounted expert evidence - funded by our parish councils and residents - demonstrating why the Plan is not sound.

This is a bad development Plan. Our last chance to stop it is in the courts. For that we need money. Both village parish councils have again kindly voted us significant sums, but we need more.


The plan will:

  • Destroy the distinct identities of our two historic villages, merging them into one conurbation nearly three times their current size;

  • Snarl up the traffic on the A44, to and from Oxford;

  • Sever Begbroke and Yarnton from Kidlington and its services;

  • Build exclusive houses for university staff and London commuters on our local Green Belt, providing very little, if anything, for the local community.


If you would like to donate towards this final and expensive attempt to protect and preserve our two communities, please either send money direct to the BYG bank account (details below) or send a cheque, made out to Begbroke and Yarnton Greenbelt Campaign, to BYG, Cobweb Cottage, Spring Hill Road, Begbroke OX5 1RX.

Thank you once again for your support.

Giles Lewis

Chair, Begbroke and Yarnton Greenbelt Campaign


PS: Please spread the word and encourage others to donate. We are often surprised by the fact that many people we meet don’t know about the housing threat, in spite of several leaflet drops over the past few years.




Begbroke and Yarnton Greenbelt Campaign, Lloyds,

Sort Code 30-99-08, Account  Number 22765768

Letters to Prime Minister and SofS

Our Chairman, Mr Giles Lewis, sent the following letter to the Prime Minister.  A letter from the CDWA sent to the Hon Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing and Community from CDWA is also attached, (click the buttons to download the letters):


The CDWA letter to the Secretary of State for Housing and Community, about the Oxford and Cherwell District Local Plans, was endorsed by local Member of Parliament Layla Moran, by County councillors, by all local District councillors, by all local parish council chairs, by Oxfordshire planning professionals, by all five local community groups including BYG, and by other local organisations opposing the Plans.


The letter makes a detailed request for the Secretary of State`s intervention in these Plans to protect the Green Belt, as repeatedly promised by the Conservative government.

Oxford Times Picks up on letter to PM

NEWS: Cherwell District Council is consulting on proposed Main Modifications to the Partial Review of the Local Plan. The Modifications arise from the planning inspector's post-hearing note that requested the removal of the Woodstock site (PR10) from the plan and the 410 houses re-distributed elsewhere. In effect, Cherwell are removing even more Green Belt in order to accommodate houses already in excess of a truly objectively assessed housing need for Oxford. Responses to the  consultation must be received by Cherwell no later than 11.59pm on Friday 20 December 2019.

"One thing is certain: there is NOTHING in [site PR8 - Begbroke]  for the benefit of local residents. All they can expect is severance from their local services; local traffic chaos; loss of Green Belt amenity; destruction of their ancient separate identities; and ten years of disruption." – Read Giles Lewis' address to Cherwell District Council, 22 July 2019

On 10 July 2019 The planning inspector published a "post-hearing advice note" which served to demonstrate, as far as the demonstrably flawed 'Oxford's unmet need' numbers are concerned, just how broken the planning system really is!

The Examination in Public was held from 5-13 February 2019. BYG, and the umbrella group, Cherwell Development Watch Alliance (CDWA) participated and submitted a number of statements both before and after the hearings.

A Preliminary Hearing took place on 28 Sept 2018. Representatives from BYG attended. We contributed to a written submission on behalf of the Cherwell Development Watch Alliance (CDWA).

On Monday, 26 Feb 2018 Cherwell District Council voted in favour of submitting the Plan to the Planning Inspectorate.

BYG Consultation Response: Read the BYG Response to the Cherwell District Council Proposed Submission Plan Consultatio


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Campaign news

Campaign news now has its own dedicated page! Latest news includes:

Oxford Mail
15 June 2017 
Oxford Times
15 June 2017

Oxford Times

15 June 2017


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BYG is an association of concerned residents of both Begbroke and Yarnton who share a common aim of protecting Green Belt land surrounding the villages of Begbroke & Yarnton from encroachment by housing or other built development.  Cherwell District Council is proposing to build 4,400 houses in and around the villages of Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington in support of Oxford City Council's alleged 'Unmet Housing Needs'. We also work with Kidlington Development Watch and CPRE Oxfordshire.

With the exception of financial help from Begbroke & Yarnton Parish Councils, BYG has been primarily self-funding. However, in order to continue to  make the best response we can to Cherwell District Council's plans, as well as continue our campaign of awareness-raising amongst our two villages, we need to raise money. If you wish to donate then please do so, either via our fund-raising site or directly (drop us an email).


Join the BYG Campaign

The Begbroke & Yarnton Green Belt Campaign (BYG) is an "unincorporated association", formed to promote and encourage for the benefit of the public the improvement and protection of the countryside and the protection of the Green Belt from encroachment by housing or other built development, in particular the Green Belt land surrounding the villages of Begbroke & Yarnton and related areas.


As an Association we have members. If you agree with the above aim of the Association it is very easy to join BYG. Simply tell us your name, email address, street and village,  and confirm that we may hold this information for the purposes of maintaining a membership list and contacting you.

In any case, we encourage you to subscribe to our email updates. Add yourself to the email list by sending a blank email to Please also follow us on Twitter and engage with us on Facebook.

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