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Supporting Documents & Links

Main Modifications Consultation deadline: Friday, 20 December 2019, 11:59pm. Please see Cherwell District Council's Main Modifications consultation page. Further guidance will be available from BYG in due course.

Planning Documents
Consultation on the Partial Review of the Cherwell Local Plan (Oxford's Unmet Housing Needs) (July 2017)
The consultation was published by Cherwell District Council on 17 July 2017. The consultation runs until 5pm on 10 October 2017 (having been extended from 29 August). The consultation pages, including guidance, evidence base, and response form are available via <>.
Emerging evidence base for our campaign
We are developing a document repository of key documents relating to the partial review of the Cherwell Local Plan. These include public documents relating to the Green Belt; existing Local Plan; transport and sustainability plans; selected responses to the CDC Options Consultation (Nov-Jan 2017); national policy. To browse the BYG document repository go to our Google Drive.
Cherwell District Council Local Plan Part 1 (adopted 2015)

Local Plan 2011-2031 Adopted July 2015 (12.4 MB)

Kidlington Master Plan

Full Plan Adopted December 2016 (12.2 MB)

Government White Paper on Housing Policy (2017)

Fixing Our Broken Housing Market (7.3 MB)

Cherwell District Council Options Consultation (Nov-Jan 2017)

Part 1 of Options Consultation (13 MB)
Part 2 of Options Consultation (10 MB)

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