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Seeking the views of our candidates for local election

Ahead of the local council elections on 4th May, we wrote to all the potential councillors for Kidlington South their position on the proposal by Cherwell District Council to build 4,400 houses on the Green Belt that surrounds Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington. In particular, we asked them to set out their position and views on the following topics:-

  • The continued protection of the Oxford Green Belt in general.

  • What might qualify as an `exceptional reason` to breach the Green Belt restrictions.

  • The importance of protecting our historic villages and checking urban sprawl.

  • The validity of the Oxford City Council’s projected housing needs.

  • The assessment of the views of your electorate with regard to this matter.

  • What action you plan to represent those views at the appropriate level.

The candidates for election are:

Cath Arakelian -- Labour Party

Maurice Billington -- The Conservative Party Candidate

Samuel John Hubbard -- Liberal Democrats

Fiona Valerie Mawson -- Green Party

We said we would publish any responses received.


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