We made a little video: Begbroke Science Park

We made a short video using nothing little more than a mobile phone in order to show just one part of the green belt land in which Cherwell District Council are proposing to put 2,480 houses. The video shows the part of the land east of the A44 owned by a tripartite comprising the University of Oxford, Merton College, and an unnamed landowner. The land currently houses the relatively small University of Oxford Begbroke Science Park (the Science Park is hidden amongst trees but the access road flashes past during the video). The plan proposed by Cherwell District Council is very similar to the University's masterplan for the area -- effectively an extensive, mixed use site including businesses, houses, schools, shops, a railway station, and 'managed' green spaces. It is, as our group has reported, a new town by stealth that will coalesce and obliterate the identities of Begbroke, Yarnton, and Kidlington. An urban sprawl from Oxford to Woodstock. Just what the green belt is intended to prevent.

The University of Oxford, Merton College and the unnamed local landowner submitted their land as a development site as part of the consultation on the revision of Cherwell District Council's Local Plan (in order to meet Oxford's so-called unmet housing need). You can see their submission, including the masterplan, via http://www.cherwell.gov.uk/media.cfm?mediaid=19328.