Press coverage, 15 June 2017

The publication by Cherwell District Council of its plans to put nearly 4,000 houses on the Green Belt that surrounds the villages of Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington has resulted in a splash of coverage in both the Oxford Times and Oxford Mail on Thursday, 15 June 2017. In particular, members of the Begbroke and Yarnton Green Belt Campaign have featured in:

  • "'The Erosion of North Oxford'", The Oxford Mail. "If these homes are built it will radically change the nature of the villages, with North Oxford being extended, and that will erode the quality of the city that makes it so attractive. ... This level of growth will make existing traffic problems much worse and destroy open countryside and habitats."

  • "Blueprint confirms plan for 4,000 homes in the green belt", Oxford Times. The identities of the villages would be lost and, "The area between Oxford and Woodstock including . Kidlington, Begbroke and Yarnton would start to become a vast urban sprawl."

  • "New homes would create a new town by stealth", Letter to Oxford Times. The development of what is essentially a new town in the green belt will effectively coalesce Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington, obliterating their distinct identities (just what the green belt is designed to prevent).

In addition, the editorial in the Oxford Times questions the 'exceptional circumstances' put forward by Oxford City Council; observes that building in the green belt should be the 'last resort' and warns that setting the precedent now will, in effect, mean the continued removal of the green belt in future years.

The articles are all available to read on our press page. Cherwell District Council's proposals are available via

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