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Cherwell District Council consultation opens on removing Green Belt land

The Cherwell District Council consultation on plans to build 4,400 houses in response to Oxford's forecast unmet housing need, is now open. The vast majority of the houses will be built on land separating Yanrton, Begbroke and Kidlington from Oxford city (subverting the very purpose of the Green Belt to prevent coalescence of settlements and urban sprawl).

The Consultation website is at and guidance is provided on how residents should respond (see the PDF at The deadline for submitting responses is 5pm on 29 August 2017. We encourage everyone to respond and make their views known. Unless Cherwell decide major amendments are required (or presumably reject it altogether in full council), the proposed plan together with the responses to the consultation, will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. Make your voice heard to the planning inspector who will have the final say.

We will be publishing our own guidance on making an effective response to the consultation over the next few weeks.


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