Clarification concerning reported A44 Countryfile protests

The Begbroke and Yarnton Green Belt Campaign (BYG) wishes to clarify that, contrary to media reports, the Campaign is not planning to disrupt traffic travelling to the Countryfile event. Indeed, there was never any intention by the Campaign to disrupt traffic. Supporters of the Campaign will be present along the A44, adjacent to the Green Belt sites between Yarnton and Begbroke. With placards they will inform drivers, as they slowly make their way towards Blenheim Palace, about Cherwell District Council's building plans for the sites, and remind drivers that with an additional 4,400 houses in the area, the Countryfile traffic experience could become a regular occurrence. The protest will be peaceful, non-disruptive and we fully expect to receive support from those who are attending Countryfile precisely because they appreciate the open countryside that the Green Belt enables.

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