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Fundraising update

Dear Supporters,

We have been deeply moved by the response to our call for funds to fight Cherwell District Council's development plans, and by the emails of support that have accompanied your donations.

Some of you have even donated a second time!

Thank you! And also to Begbroke and Yarnton Parish Councils, each of which has made BYG a grant under Section 137 of the Local Government Act, 1972.

We are now well over halfway to our target of £9,500 and have already been able to commission vital expert advice on how we can stop Cherwell District`s development plans for 2,500 new houses around Begbroke and Yarnton.

These houses would nearly treble the size of our two villages, jam traffic both ways on the A44, stretch our school and medical services, and almost join us to Kidlington in one big Oxford suburb.

We are also extremely concerned about flooding and still need additional money to enable us to commission a report on the increased risk of flooding arising from the planned development.

So, please! Those of you who have not yet donated please do so. And ask your friends and neighbours, too. Even small amounts add up.


Together, we can save our Green Belt.

Giles Lewis


Begbroke & Yarnton Green Belt Campaign


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